Model: (Click to see more) 58218: Toyota Corolla WRC
Status: Runner
Date: 18-Apr-2005
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this was purchased as a kit and later modified for off-road use with the addition of longer dampers and modified lower arms.

also, i've got two shells of each car. one for tarmac driving, so they have the skirt/air dam on the front fender. and the others for off-road use so they have the skirt/air dam removed.

for the electronics, i kept it simple since i don't plan to race. i'm using the Futaba MCR220 ESC, S3003 servo, RJ122 reciever, and the 540 Johnson motor with a 18 tooth pinion.

as for the chassis, i enjoy the performance very much. it's always stable when on power...through the corners, getting sideways, hairpins, high speed sweeping sections. the only time when it's a handful is when you steer off power. the back end can come around quite quickly so you have to be ready to catch it. other wise, the chassis is a great rally platform.

if i had to find something that i don't like about the chassis, it's that there aren't enough rally shells for this short wheelbase car. i bet lots of the group B cars would have been perfect for this. Tamiya re-released the 037...which was great...but i would never chance driving such a nice non-lexan shell.

i also wished they would have released other versions of the 206.

such a small box.... the Corolla of Sainz and a privateer or test car.. my privater/test car Corolla..... the fitted arms and longer dampers... the chassis with lots of hop ups.... the modified GPM TA03 lower arms....

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