Model: (Click to see more) 58111: Toyota 4x4 Pickup Mountaineer
Status: Restored
Date: 23-Apr-2005
Comments: 15
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This mountaineer was bought from the USA, it came with it's original box, Manual, new decals, new body parts and some radio gear. The chassis was assembled and left in a damp garage for many years. All the metal parts, screws and nuts were badly corroded and the plastic components were coated in rust stains. (very sorry state). Some parts were missing, but thanks to some kind Tamiyaclub members all the missing parts were found. I started off by taking the chassis to pieces and removing all the corrosion. All the parts were Zinc plated clear and all the screws were colour zinc plated. The gearbox was covered in that horrible silicone. This was carefully removed and all the aluminium castings cleaned, but not polished as this is not how they should look. All was then reassembled with care and the radio fitted and tested. The body was the next to be built, this was easy as it was new and never abused. The Body was painted in my usual method with Tamiya Mica Red and this is a superb metallic red, really stunning. When dry all the decals were applied and went on well. To finish the whole Body was clear coated and left to dry. After two weeks the clear coat was rubbed down and polished. Lastly the body was detailed to finish it off. The Mountaineer also has a lighting kit fitted and a Blazer driver figure fitted as in my opinion RC models look better with a driver figure. I would also like to thank Moosey for all his kind words and support with this project . Thanks Mark.
I am very pleased to have this superb model in my collection. Now where did i put that Blazing Blazer?.

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Very very nice, great work

Dirt Racer


That looks like it just been newly built!!!...Amazing Job...Well Done



Wow - loking at that it looks like it has just been built fresh out of the box! Amazing job!



Looking stunning mate! Mark showed me a pic of it about a week ago, great work.


Sell it to me ??
Best one ive ever seen !!



Simply Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Beatyful Mountaineer! Best I've seen yet! I am determined to get one myself, as this is the last 3spd I don't have.



Hey, Thanks for the mention mate, Totally my pleasure!! I've seen many cars/trucks on this site fella & I'm afraid to say nothing comes close to your restorations. You only have to glance through your showroom to see perfection! The detail, Time, Hard work, Thought etc. That goes into your models is simply amazing! They always look better than a new built kit, Coz they are soooo sharp & clean. And, This one is no exception..



Absolutely stunning!! Great work!!



Stunning, your cars looks better then the new built ones in Tamiya catalogues!


This has some 'balls' - truely amazing work!!!



Having had the pleasure of seeing this Truck a couple of days ago, I can truely say that it is a complete work of art. Genuine perfection! Thanks for showing it to me Rad, see you soon at ''The Reading Bash'' I take it that this WON'T be one of your 'Runners' for the meet ??!!



another stunning restoration! how do you do them?



Very very nice ! I've got to get me a three speed if you and chef are going to be runnung them.



Verry nice mounty rad, i think mine might take her though, check out my mounty in my showroom.

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