Model: (Click to see more) 58302: Enzo Ferrari
Status: New built
Date: 2-May-2005
Comments: 6
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I picked up this car whilst on holiday in the USA. At the time I think i just got it for the sake of it but now I have decided to build it and go a bit mad with the hop-ups. Currently it has fitted:

Tamiya Hop-Ups

49247 Tamiya Super Stock Motor Type S

49293 TRF Damper Set (Flourine coated) Blue

53056 Pin Type Wheel Adapter

49320 Lightweight Aluminium Servo Stay (Blue)

53666 TT-01 Metal Motor Mount

53664 TT-01 Aluminium Motor Heat Sink

53663 Ball Differential Set (TT-01, TGS)

53662 TT-01 Turnbuckle Tie-Rod Set

53642 5mm Aluminium Ball Connector (Blue)

49317 3x23mm Aluminium Turnbuckle Shafts (Blue/2pcs)

53670 TT-01 Aluminium Racing Steering Set

53497 TT-01 Ball Bearing Set

53683 Urethane Bumper M / Blue (TT-01/TGS)

53620 TT-01 Aluminium Propeller Shaft

53470 Lightweight Wing Set (Carbon)

53682 Aluminum Bumper Stopper (TT-01/TGS)

53672 TT-01 Carbon Upper Frame

53671 TT-01 Front One Way Unit

Non Tamiya Hop-Ups

TT009 GPM Alloy F/R Upper Arm Mount Set - 1PR

TT021 GPM Alloy front knuckle arm set (Blue)

TT022 GPM Alloy Rear Knuckle Arm set - 1PR

TT026 GPM Alloy 6 cells Battery hold down strap (Blue)

TT049 GPM Alloy Steering Tie Rod Set - 1PC

TT054 GPM Alloy Front Upper Arm Set - 1PR

TT055 GPM Alloy Front Lower Arm Set - 1PR

TT056 GPM Alloy Rear Lower Arm - 1PR

TT057 GPM Alloy Rear Upper Arm - 1PR

TT050 Tech Racing Aluminium Rear Wheel Hub TT-01 (Blue)

STD-33 Square Aluminium Battery Strap Posts (Blue)

It will have more as i get hold of them. Looks pretty good so far!

1 Body with optional carbon wing 1 Nicely hopped up chassis, with more to go!




Hi, you could add the cups and shafts for metal dogbones or unishaft, those of the TA-04 are cheap in ebay, I did it with the TT01 and run ver well.



Thanks, I have made a little list of some extra parts to add to the Enzo and they will soon be gracing her. Thanks for the comments and enjoy the rest of my showroom. Adam



that looks mint

don't go scratching it now



This one just sits on the shelf looking good....



I guess you have the same weakness for blue as i do



Once a few blue bits had been added it was and is hard to stop!!

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