Model: (Click to see more) 56002: Leopard A4 (1/16)
Status: Restored
Date: 9-May-2005
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Presents to you, a Leopard A4.

Fully restored, body and mechanics

Many hours went into it. As, in truth, the thing was a mess

Finaly it is finished.

It is repainted in NATO dark colors

First time around, the colors where way to bright.

But, now matches the other 1A4's and Gepard.

The real deal:

Leopard Tank, ( Panzer Leopard )

The prototype of this leopard tank appeared first

in 1961 in West Germany, and was formally

adopted in 1963 by the western european alliance ( NATO )

He has a crew of four and a L7A 1 105mm gun,

that is made in brittain.

Its chassis and body is watertight so it can cross rivers at
depth of 4 meters under water.

It has a maximum top speed of 65 km/u.

This is also a tank with excellent maneuverability.




Ouch! Are these colours copied from a 1:1? Look a little bright... I do like the snow Leopard much more!!

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