Model: (Click to see more) 56306: Flatbed Semi-Trailer for R/C Tractor Truck
Status: New built
Date: 11-May-2005
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Loads of work done, but, happy with the result so far.

Options & hop-ups fitted:

Oil shocks from Tamiya (56503) , you need them

Home made alloy fenders

Home made alloy spare wheel holder

Home made alloy tool rack

Modified Mercedes 1850L bike catchers & chromed

Stellamodels alloy rims

Painted in traffic yellow, added with dark green for some “style”

The actual paintjob was a disaster, have been cleaned & repainted 2 times

Before seeing this end result, that is why it actually took so long to finish the

Trailer anyway!

The trailer needs a matching tracktor, as the trailer needs

A extra battery pack & ESC for the tipping operation. (matching tracktor)

Can’t wait to test it out with a bucket load of dirt.

Chassis made in Germany,

A in small series build trailer at Tamiya size

Listed as a flatbed trailer, because i had to sacrifice

One of them for the axels & mounting hardware

This is a excellent piece of engineering, old fashion, solid German product!

And, that in the most positive way.

The loading basket is made of 3mm alloy,

and the tipping system uses a 540 size motor with

gear reduction. Again, all parts are build to last!

Note: it comes as 'basic model' , meaning you need to provide
Your own suspention & axels & finishing


If you are also interested in a trailer like this, you can

find the builder, Andreas at email

The current price is €300,- ex shippig, and i do think

It is worth every cent of it

A side note, he speaks & writes only German, so the best
way to contact him is using a German friend or try
to type in German ;)


If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
-= Tweety =- the tip trailer puller , number 2




Stefan--have fun with it.
in my showroom you can see the same one(Robert)


thats cool!

Maxxed Ross


Very cool... I want one (oh - hang one - I can't speak German! doh!)



Nice!! Any chance of a close-up of the tipping mechanism??




i was just wondering how could i get one and how much does it come



your tipping trailer needs some scratches. he looks terrible BRAND NEW. i also own 2 of these. so please start to use it for hard gravel or little rocks. he is made for hard stuff.


hi great trailer i have a tamiya topline scania where can i get one from

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