Model: (Click to see more) 58309: Twin Detonator
Status: New built
Date: 13-May-2005
Comments: 8
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Oh I think this is going to be my last motor. I now have 5, getting 4 in the last 2 months. I think I have one of everything. TT-01 to play with in car parks. Nitro force for car parks and fields. Gravel hound for fields. Twin Detonator for going anywhere. and a TL-01 for messing around with but I am trying to sell.
So this is a Twin Detonator with Speedmaster Silver Star Ultra ESC. Two Blue Heat 17x2 turn motors. Ball raced. Did not like the flames on this colour so did not use them.

Clime that water feature The ESC Removed the flames




Same esc as in mine, this truck is one of my favorite runners .tough as well .They look better without the flames .



Very good idea to not use the flames. Nice colour choice either!


nice choice of colour for the body m8 and nice car overall



My money is on it isn't your last or even close to it! Once you have been bitten by the bug, your a gonner!


This is a great car and we are proud to be the new owners thanks again , Mick & Emma & Scott



Its nice to see this car go to a good home. It will be well looked after. Thanks


nice looking truck.ive just got 1 and cant wait to hop it up.phil sheffield



Those flame decals have kept this one under the radar for me...I've been looking at one's without the flame decals and now I'm in love. Weird how decals can do that...

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