Model: (Click to see more) 58087: Manta Ray
Status: Runner
Date: 15-May-2005
Comments: 6
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Can it be? Have I really found the Fabled Lost Tamiya of the Schlesser Buggy Megane? #58238 well I won this car off Ebay the other day, it was quite expensive but then if it is what I think it is then its unique ;) the auction was all in german but the word prototype was used in the auction listing... it will be some time before I get the car so I've suitably disquised the auction pic as a kind of teaser ;)

UPDATE: OK Guys, I give up you win ;) I admit that this car is NOT a proper 58238? but it is instead a craftily constructed replica of what the model might have been ;) admittedly some shortcuts were made to create this car? the Body is off the CEN Fun Factor 2WD Nitro buggy, the chassis is off a Manta Ray and has been slightly modified for use? the car did orginaly come with Manta Ray wheel fitted? but I knew that these were the wrong ones so I managed to get hold of some of the correct wheels that were specially designed for the model but in the end were never used instead they were used on the Stadium Raider which also used the same TL-01 chassis as meant for the Schlesser model? with my car utilising the Manta Ray chassis its not a true replica? though I might try to get a TL-01 chassis for it in the future ;) still it was fun trying to pull the wool over the TC members eyes, even if they wern't folled for a second ;)

Is it the fabled Lost Tamiya Schlesser Buggy? ...well NO actually its a custom job ;) The Body is off a CEN Fun Factor Nitro car. And the chassis is that of a modified Manta Ray. I had the get the proper wheels for it seperatly.




i'i hate wldnas' says every tc member



When I originally read the auction translation, it read like it was a reconstruction by the seller.



The wheels aren't the same as on the prototype, which has Stadium Raider ones...



Hope your right fella, but CEN did the schlesser too!


The shell looks like the CEN one to me. The auction does state that it is a faithfully copied reproduction, based on a Manta Ray. Still the chassis has a few options added to it and its much better than the TL-01 the original was based on.



Still though this is a mint repro!!! WOW again

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