Model: (Click to see more) 58286: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII WRC
Status: Runner
Date: 15-May-2005
Comments: 5
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Got this car just recently as a present from my girlfriend, i thought i would try and do a more street version rather than the box art (mostly because the thought of all the stickers just wasn't sitting well in the Andrew camp).

It was a nice kit to build especially as the kit came with full bearings and the dust covers. It does sit a bit rear low, but that’s easy fixed.

Overall nice car to build and run and can be made go pretty quickly with just a standard motor, thanks to the three different spur gears allowing you to choose the final drive ratio.
UPDATE: After realising that the lancer wasn't the best-suited car for local terrain i decided to have some fun and make it a drift car. Abs drift tyres, much tightened suspension, a locked rear diff (an essential mod to improve stability during the drift) a bit of geometry alterations and this car can really drift.

It does need a bit more poke though so a hotter motor is the next thing on the list and a bit more car control wouldn't go amiss either. I'm sure ebay will come to my help........well for the motor anyhoo.

I love the look of the front. Mean lookin. It's brief off-road history. Drift wheels and tyres fitted Even meaner with the new wheels.







Now thats nice!


yo man that is one sik car how much did u spend on gettin th shell coz i want one like that soooo badb email me cheers bro !!!!!!


Nice. Whats the car like off road??????

Malt Man


I wasn't too impressed, it bottomed out a lot. I would say it's best suited for blaze/fine gravel type surfaces. But if you go fast enough you bounce over most things : )

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