Model: (Click to see more) 58101: Bush Devil
Status: Runner
Date: 19-May-2005
Comments: 2
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The standard Bush Devil has no oil filled shocks and it tends to bounce over rough terrain rather than following the surface. Needing a set of proper dampers I found some intended for the rear of the Chadori buggy in my local model shop at a grand total of £5 a pair. The shocks are actually around 15mm longer than the standard ones and after swapping the lower ball joints so they fit they were even longer.

I could have taken the easy way out and put limiters in the shocks but I would prefer to do the job properly and allow me some options for tuning the suspension.

Shock mounts front and rear are made out of fibreglass sheet, drilled to allow different shock locations to adjust suspension stiffness as well as ride height. The rear shock mount has glassfibre spacers added to move the mount as far forward as possible to give some clearance to fit the shocks between the shock mount and suspension upper link without fouling.

As I got this car without a body I decided to fit a spare XLT shell I had to the car. Again the easy way would be to drill two holes in the body to fit on the standard Devil body mounts, but that would leave 2 extra holes in the truck bed. Built a mount for the body in polycarbonate spaced back from the shock mount to enable me to use the original body mounting hole. Made it as wide as possible so the body can sit on it properly without wobbling.

Ranger XLT bodyshell GRP shock mounts and oil dampers Front mount - lets see that break! Chadori oil shocks and Bush Devil springs Polycarbonate rear body mount Plenty of adjustment




Looks very nice with the Ranger body and blue frame, would change though the wheels


I thought the same at first but the wheels are growing on me. Thye do contrast well with the blue and make it stand out.

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