Model: (Click to see more) 58056: The Falcon
Status: Project
Date: 27-May-2005
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I grabbed a Falcon off of ebay that was in a sore state. The 4th pic shows what I started with. Anyway, I've got it cleaned up and looking pretty good, but I need a body, wheels, tires and of course some radio equipment. Picked up some red wheels from the Mad Fighter from TimeTunnel and tires as well. BUT, I still need a body. Well problem solved thanks to tamiyaclub member Scorpn, who reminded me that the Blitzer Beetle body would work pretty well on a Falcon chassis, with some slight mods. So here are some UPDATED pics of where I am at with this project.

Finally got some electrics installed and this thing rolls great. It really looks like a real car when it spins out and rolls into turns! I figure I'll upgrade the motor and take this one out as a BASHER!

Just need to complete the body and I'll be set!

Update 1/20/2006

I've gotten this bad boy painted up and 95% ready to roll.
Got some Traxxas Pin spike fronts and 'eagle' (?) aftermarket pin spike rears on it now. Just need to finish the tail lights and decide what decals if any to use on it.

Thanks for looking!

Update 1/21/06

Well, that didn't take long - I decided to use some old decals sitting around. Rover Mini Cooper #'s, Hornet and Grasshopper leftovers, as well as other Autographics decals I had. I think it looks pretty ccool, and I love the sponsor ......mmmmm, beer. Miller Time!

Don't drink and drive? Ha! Not with this ride!

Update 2/2/2006:

Mad Fighter wheels made the car too unstable, so I switched to stock wheels and tires to test and handling was much improved. Then discovered someone else created a Bug using the wheels from a Toureg/Chevy s-10, so I slapped those on the rear and tested them out. Worked well, so I'm gonna go with those and try and find a match for the fronts that will work, or just paint them silver.

Update: 12/9/2006: Went back to the Mad Fighter red wheels, and glued the rear tires up. I picked up a Kamtec Beetle lexan body and gave it a quick paint job and decaled it up with some left over stickers. Looks ok.

Installed a 21D Venom Fireball motor and Airtronics ESC good down to 19T (which seems a little glitchy). Anyway, fast as lightning on the street but will roll at the drop of a hat. Seems to handle much better off pavement as I tried it on the short grass and it held the ground better. I need to get into some dirt and really test it out tomorrow.

1/21/06 1/21/06 Bear Hawk mounts installed horizontally... As received after ebay win




very nice progress considering what you started with! it's already got my gears turning for a future project! FANTASTIC!!

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