Model: (Click to see more) 99988: Losi
Status: Extra info
Date: 30-May-2005
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I bought this little gizmo from Evoman at Kidderminster 2005. Haven't had chance to test it out yet, but it looks great...!
I have now added a bunch of hoip-ups to this truck after being the unluckiest Mini-T owner ever. Every time I took this truck out it broke and I mean EVERY time. Shame as it really does go well. It's now much stronger though and is great fun as Volksrod and Moosey can testify from Pimp just before Xmas. I added the following parts... : Full bearings, Topcad alloy wheels, 3Racing arms all round, 3Racing Hubs, 3Racing Ball diff and universal swing shafts, Topcan alloy and carbon fibre shock towers and mounts, Topcad bumper, 3Racing shocks, heavy duty turnbuckles, 3Racing gearset, Graupner Speed 300 motor, Trinity 8.4v NiMH.

Pre hop-ups




Get it run NOW mate!! You WILL love it!



You're gonna love it mate. Thanks to Mark letting me have a go with his around the Kidd track I now HAVE to get one!

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