Model: (Click to see more) 58063: Lunchbox
Status: Other
Date: 2-Jun-2005
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Here is a LB I picked up a little while back I have been haveing a hard time trying to deciede what I am going to do with it? The body is fair shape needs 3 hole fixed and the A piller on the driver side needs a little work but all in all not to bad. The chassis is broke were the servo mounts but that is easy replaced but as for the chassis and other bits they are makered up but not bad. I got it with the box and the mannual and the blister pack and 2 sets of chrome parts some runner bits and some good for a resto.

not sure what to do with this one I do have it up for sale or trade so if anyone is interested please let me know..

needs a little work NICE BOX..

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