Model: (Click to see more) 49190: Dyna Storm Rerelease
Status: Extra info
Date: 5-Jun-2005
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After building my Dyna Storm, it just insisted to be ran! A car like this should be seen in action, not just sit around on a shelf. My uncle also came along with his Dyna Storm so we could have a little race.

Unfortunately, my car started to make strange noises in the drivetrain, so I had to stop running it. Later I tightened the ball diff a littel tighter than usual, and the problem seemed to have disappeared. At least when I couldn't run, I could at least take some pictures. Enjoy!




nice pics..i had a similar problem with my dyna storm...... cant remember if it had the noises.but it wouldnt i tightened the diff and it worked fine after that



you have to wear in the ball diff's on dyna's or they slip and shine up the plates give it another run and tighten one more time and it should be set



Nice action photos, shame that both have the original scheme though...



I tightened the balldiff a little more than my intuition allowed me to at first - but the problem is now solved.

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