Model: (Click to see more) 58053: Road Wizard Formula 01
Status: NIB
Date: 17-Jun-2005
Comments: 1
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This was one that I wanted when I was kid and for some reason never got around to buying one. Probably a function of no money then, as a kid, no one has any $$$$$$. I love the concept of two bodies and two decal sets, wish Tamiya would have done this more. This was purchased missing a few things, of which I had most of the parts, all new of course. The only thing that I need to make it complete is a set of front of wheels and tires. Any one have any? They must be NEW, PLEASE!!!!!




Nice find Jay, your collection is getting to be one of the very best in the NIB category. Did you sell one of your RC10s on the bay yet??

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