Model: (Click to see more) 56002: Leopard A4 (1/16)
Status: Restored
Date: 18-Jun-2005
Comments: 4
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3e finished Leopard A4 in the row.

A load of work went into this one, about all the external bits where replaced or
Repaired, as it had quite a hard life before it came to my collection.

This one is painted in US-uniform desert camouflage

As add-on’s , lead/silver commander gun, a spear running wheel, enlarged antenna and a dozer blade fitted to break trough the lines

Considering I have not yet desided what decals to use, it will remain like this until I do ;)

Many thanks goes to Peter, for doing another exelent paintjob on this one,

Considering all the repairs he had to hide it turned out great.

You could be a Tanker if:

You've ever been seen riding with your head sticking out your car's sun roof.

You giggle when your hunting buddies talk about the awesome stopping power of the . 308 Winchester.

You drive a BMW X5 because you like 'the feel of a lot of German iron. '

You announce 'On the way!' before you break wind.

Instead of meeting you at the door with a cold beer after work, your wife meets you with a can of degreaser and orders to strip before you touch the furniture.

After returning from the field it takes you a while to get used to food without the 'diesel smoked' flavor.

After intercourse you make your wife wipe down the breech.

When you go duck hunting you give your dog the command 'ducks! left duck!'

You've ever refered to a infantryman as a crunchie.

During intercourse you announce 'On the way. '

You refer to General Patton as Him.

You refer to the Gulf War as 'The big one of 91. '

You think of ground troops as a speed bump.

You think bad sex may just be a boresight problem.

You consider a sand table exercise as a middle east deployment.

You consider a hasty defense just aiming the gun.

You get mad when NOMEX is refered to as the tanker suit.

You volunteer to fuel up a car.

You have a BBQ and invite all three of your friends.

You rank monster trucks between an M113 and a Bradley.

You carry a tanker bar in your POV.

You think hot spots are targets, not clubs.

Before your son/daughter can use your car they must complete a request for dispatch.

You think PT means Persona Training.

You always set 4 places at the dinner table.

You don't buy gas for your car, instead you 'top off'

Your older kids call the youngest one 'Cherry'.

When your family gets together you call them 'Slice Elements'.

Your dog's name is Sabot or Heat.




how much tanks do you have already stefan?



That would great in a convoy with my Hummers! I love military scale pieces and I certainly love this one! Thank you!



No problem! just cover my behind for those pesky anti tank guys, and i'll lay some covering fire




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