Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: Runner
Date: 21-Jun-2005
Comments: 2
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An Ebay win bought for the heatsink motor mount and alloy top deck parts. It started life as an XLS, you can tell that by the XLS bumper and front gearbox. Like most XLS at the time it has had Procat rear suspension fitted to it. Quite a few alloy upgrades are fitted, unfortunately the MMS alloy rear gearbox covers are not included. Pity, I paid over the odds for this in the hope they were there. It does have a full set of MMS transmission parts though, front and rear diffs and top layshaft. so the drivetrain is bulletproof. The chassis and body are also Procat parts, so it gives a better weight distribution than the original chassis. Front and rear suspension uprights are from the bosscat, so its a real hybrid. Its good to know that the mix and match parts all fit together fine.

This one is almost good enough to be a runner as it is. The front end has loads of play where the uprights fasten to the wishbones. New front wishbones and ball joints and its ready to go.

Woww, an intact procat body - a first! Original XLS wheels under the paint Huge gearbox heatsink and MMS layshaft Racecraft alloy top deck MMS shock and suspension mounts




Good to see I'm not the only one building bitsa Schumachers matey...


Like you I'm also trying to see how many parts I can replace with alloy and upgrade parts. Lets see who can build the heaviest Cat[]

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