Model: (Click to see more) 58162: Volkswagen Golf VR6
Status: Project
Date: 30-Jun-2005
Comments: 13
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Remember that clapped out and totally knackered VR6 from EBAY? Well just take a look at it now! I finally worked out why the wheelbase was too long (some space cadet put the rear shock tower on the wrong way!), added new HPI Hockenheim style wheels and a NIB body (from TRF_Tam, thanks Chris!) and hey presto! Only thing left to do is strip out the gearbox. As for the body, well you all know I'm into the street-racer style by now so I thought I'd do something a little radical for this golf to set it apart from all the others on TC - paint it bright yellow! I left some of the molding on to create side skirts and splitter, then carbon detailed them and the boot spoiler for that little bit extra coolness. The same goes for the massive rear diffuser. Now the bonnet was the tricky bit! All those curves and lines made it very hard to cut out and stick on without any wrinkles. Over all the stickering was a nightmare. I've never seen such fiddly window surrounds and wheel arches! It took about 3x longer to sticker it than to prep the body, cut it out and paint it :-) but I think the results are well worth the effort though. As pointed out by a few people it could do with some slight tinting so that's the next thing on the list. I'm going to try some bigger 'street sytle' rims too :-)

mean machine close up of the custom work that sweet rear




that looks stunning ross! You've done this one excellently, and I love it!



Looks very smart now ,if you need a new set of gears i have a set for the ff01 these have both the 66 and 71 tooth spur gears .



looks awesome Ross it really does stand out amongst the other VR6's on here!! maybe you need to smoke the windows a bit though!?!

Maxxed Ross


Thanks for the positive comments guys Yeah I hear you Monty, but I've run out of it. I might get some more really and finish it off


Nice ride fella, I like the Porsche Cup style wipers Youre right about it being different anyway! Cheers

Maxxed Ross


Thanks, I actually copied them from a mate who has them on his Mk1 Golf. I've convinced myself it needs tinting though


lol very cool VR6. I like it alot!



I've heard traxxas 4tec rims are slightly bigger, if you're looking to 'Inch Up' .

Maxxed Ross


Yeah I've heard that mentioned before but I'm not too sure how much bigger. Thanks for the comments guys!



Very nice!! Reminds me of the colour concepts MKIII Golf models. Top job

Gilberto the great


Fantastic effort - well done!, that is one superb looking Golf.

Maxxed Ross


Thanks guys, hey look - I made the spotlight slot!



I've seen this one in the flesh and it is stunning!

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