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Status: Restored
Date: 11-Jul-2005
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i had this given to me at the weekend, now i know vert little about cars but planes i know even i'm hoping someone outthere may be able to help...i would like to get this up in the air. it looks complete but there are bits to be replaced but i can sort them bit as i have part of the build plan, its the motor i got the problem with,it looks to have seen better days, i'm told it's a Cox model engine. can anyone got a working engine that will work with this plane. i've been to my local hobby shop and they tell me getting the fuel for it was a problem. so can i replace the engine with a more updated one? I will be very greatfull for ANY help with this..
many thanks steve.............
update 22/7/05 it's been restored and is looking good

Funny looking banana!!from this to this Engine again and again




i have 2 of those planes.they are easy to fly with 2 channel uses a cox .049 motor that i ran on normal buggy fuel the same as in my savage 20% i think .about 15-20 mins flight time.just start the motor and tweek the throttle needle untill it revs its nuts off them throw.great fun.if you need any more info please email me



What a sweet vintage kit, glad that you plan to fly them, please make photos!



i got an engine like that somewhere lol



Updated photo's have a look



open to offers, new engine fitted and servo's fitted,,,just add your radio gear and fuel and off you go



Nice looking Engine in pic 3!!! LOL



oops must change that

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