Model: (Click to see more) 58306: Neo Shot
Status: Other
Date: 12-Jul-2005
Comments: 2
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I got my Tamiya Desert Gator today :) latest 2WD buggy from Tamiya and to be fair its a bit of alright ;) I will be building it shortly but for now I've been scanning through the manual to get an idea of the cars design and how it all screws together :)

But on looking through the manaul I came to come of those typical Tamiya cartoony style safety warnings on the bottom of page 19... it does the usual thing of warning you about over heating due to continuous running, not to touch the motor when its hot after running, don't run the car in long grass and places were its movement is restricted and be sure to clean the car after getting it wet or muddy :) but the one thing thats caught my eye is the car used in the cartoon illustartions.... its a NEO SHOT!!! I kid you not :D

I find it strange that they should use the Neo Shot in one of these cartoony safety sections? it does begger the question has Tamiya still got the Neo Shot project on a slow burn? is it currently being tinkered with in development Hell and when they have finally ironed out its problems will it finally be released (perhaps in a modified form)... we can but hope :)

In this book can be found traces of the Neo Shot 2 This is the Cartoon that you find on Page 19. Compare pics of the Real car to the cartoon. The Chassis too has be faithfully duplicated. look at the large spur gear housing on the top car




You are a very exact observer my friend.



i so wanted a neo shot and even gave the force a break to get one but then it was not ment to be. i have the gator and looked at the lovley pic's in the back and was sad

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