Model: (Click to see more) 56304: Globe Liner
Status: Project
Date: 13-Jul-2005
Comments: 4
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Well finally got the globe linear to use, for the chassis for the project. I have also got some chassis rails for the merc on there way. I am going to do a bit of cut and shut on the chassis to use the front of the merc and back of globe. Also to get the wheel base correct to the 1/24 model I have. I have also a carson Transferbox which reduces 4:1. As I am using a MFU, they dont like the torquer motors much! I am going to redsign the case thou, so as it fits better into the trucks chassis, and also machine it out of ali!. This will be started over the next few weeks. So look out for updates! (update 30-07-05) Fitted the Transfer box onto the gearbox now. Custom made the casing so as to keep it close and neater! It pushs the cup holder out 30.6mm just perfect for my project chassis!

4:1 transferbox to get a better torque, Custom made case for the transferbox




Would like to see those results



hello , very nice rig,love the colour ,very menacing , globeliner next on my list after i finish my aeromax and volvo , where can i get a carson transfer box in the uk , any ideas , or do i need to import it in , any help appreciated.



Hi I am trying to locate some myself. I may end up making them myself! Going to see how best to reproduce the gears. I will let you know what happens!



Who sells the Carson Reduction box. I live in Australia. Love your work.

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