Model: (Click to see more) 58057: The Bigwig
Status: Runner
Date: 13-Jul-2005
Comments: 8
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Many people despise the Bigwig. They criticise the rack and pinion steering, abhorr it's weight, and grimace at the fact that it can't reach a speed fast enough to make it's super aerodynamic body work.
Well, I have some news...! The Bigwig actually goes very well. I bought this car off eBay and juiced it up with an ESC and 8.4v power and it's shifts it's bulky mass around my garden and driveway with aplomb...! The steering is precise and not slow like people have said, the acceleration and top speed are excellent and the handling is nice and sharp. It understeers at low speed but get it going quickly and the Bigwig really sharpens up, turning into a real livewire unlike it's Hotshot cousin. I'll enjoy running this one...!

Slippery shape Looking good RX-540VZ Technigold Aerodynamic 'Moon Craft' wheels 8.4v power




thats a very nice example, i just love those mooncraft wheels!



i think there great too i miss mine as i traded it a while ago people trying to upgrade it using the wrong motors because of its extra weight you need to get a high torque motor 1 with over 430g-cm of torque like Super Stock Motor Type RZ which has 500g-cm and is near 8500rpm high max rpm than the technigold so it should by the figures make it just a little faster lol most motors have 200/300g-cm of torque so it will act like a limp lettuce thats why the kit was supplied with a technigold as there wasnt much better motor at the time of its release lol



I must admit that as I built my shelf queen new-built model I wondered if it could be as bad as people say. It seems to be strong too and also a lot easier to work on than any of it's 'shot' cousins. Nice purchase Roop!



Very nice young man! Good to see it in box art form too. Love the simple colour scheme. Bet its champion with a 8.4V stick in it!



Also agree that it performs nicely with TG and 8.4V, I also chose the BigWig as my Hotshot family runner, enjoy it mate!



Thanks for all the kind words chaps. Glad you like it. Since I retired my Thundershot, I haven't had a vintage 4WD runner, so this fitted the bill perfectly. Can't wait to get out there with Steve and Mark's 'shots...!



Nice and tidy runner. It´s kind of cool in a Suzuki Hayabusa kind of way. Big and bulky 'aerodynamic' bodywork and a, for the time, powerful motor to back up the appearence.



Looks very very good! Makes me wonder how many of you really weighted the car to make a fair comparison with the Hot Shot or the Boomerang. You guys would be surprised that you have been hating a true super buggy because of mere 50grams! I love the Big Wig. By the way, consider yourself invited to our ''Big Wig Owners & Enthusiasts'' S.I.G!

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