Model: (Click to see more) 58087: Manta Ray
Status: Runner
Date: 15-Jul-2005
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Hi everybody,

this is my modified Manta Ray. This car was a stock vintage Manta Ray in bad condition.

I adopted the red TA01 gearboxes because they are reinforced then vintage Manta Ray black ones. Now the re-release black gearboxes are finally all reinforced.

The spur gear and the iddle gear are Nylon made by RW Racing. Also steel and Nylon gear shafts are from RW Racing. Next step has been the RW Racing carbon drive shaft.

I replaced the stock gear differentials with ball differentials. I tuned the diff plates to eliminate useless material and reduce weight.

The car has universal joints all around and the obligatory alloy motor mount.
All the drive train is full ball beared.

An hot 12 turns motor pushes the car with a steel 16T pinion gear from Robinson Racing Products. I also can use smaller RW Racing Teflon iddle gear and 12T, 13T, 14T and 15T steel pinion gears. These RW pinion gears have modified teeth. Their diameter is identical to the 16T but number of teeth is lower.

The chassis plates are carbon made from RW Racing.

Steering linkages with servo saver are from HPI.

I made front and rear damper stay from carbon fiber plate. Also I made the rear damper stay brace.

As for the Dyna Storm, I made a brace for the rear lower arms. Upper arms are Tamiya turnbuckle shafts with GS Racing ball connectors.

All the lower arms are fitted with the suspension steel shafts and e-clips.

Four blue anodized aluminum dampers fit the model.

The car weight, without ESC, receiver and motor, is 980 grams, 60 grams less than Top Force Evolution. No Titanium screws on this car.
This Manta flies!!!

EDIT: This model now is retired.

RW Racing carbon drive shaft Carbon damper stay, alloy dampers all around. Rear shock tower and lower arms brace.

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Slick buggy!



I can't wait to see the video mate. Must be a real rocket, so light and with such a fast motor. Did you mention the make of the shocks that you are using?



I've bought the shock on the picts in Berlin. I think they are Duratrax or similar. They was on sold in a superstore, not a modelshop, so I think they could be a sort of chinese copy, don't know. They anyway work very well. Max



Nice car...all the hop ups look great. I'm sure she's a speed demon



Yes, it's a speed demon!!!



At first, great car!
How do you know that the red gear boxes are thicker? Could be interesting for me to build a bigger engine into it.



The red gearboxes were thicker because the original Manta Ray ones were too fragile. You can see the difference because the new TA01 ones aresigned with an 'H' near the motor. They are reinforced and allow bigger pinion gears.

Now the modern DT-01 gearboxes are all 'H' signed.

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