Model: (Click to see more) 58001: Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
Status: New built
Date: 23-Jul-2005
Comments: 7
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My pride and joy, the number one still is special! Finished my NewBuilt. I installed radio gear on the chassis, spayed the rims silver and added some battery dummies (made from alu homemade caps and plexi tube) The driver was painted box-art. I replaced the tires with new ones because the old had a flat spot. Added some Goodyear decals instaid of painting the logos. The body was quite a job: After priming and painting with automotive paint (thanks Tom for the spaying) I added the decals: The Vaillant logo and text, the numbers were computercut in vinyl for a bright white finish. The old ones were yellowed and stained. The multicolor striping was scanned and reproduced on soft vinyl. They follow the complex form of the wheel arches perfectly, just like modern decals. The rest of the logo’s was used from the original decal sheet. I used some panellines-decals from KoenC to finish it off.
TomC (a master in spraying automotive paints) sprayed 3 layers of clear coat over the hole stuff. After 2 weeks of curing the hole body was sanded to illiminate the orangeskin. I used a micromech system (3000-3200-3400-4000-6000-8000-12000) to restore the deep gloss. After this I used the new 3 polishing compounts from Tamiya (coarse-fine-finish) and as top of the bill the Tamiya Wax. I don’t think it could be more shiny!!
So everything was well protected in clear coat. The black window rubbers were painted and the inside of the body was left white (as in the real car). The front grills were used from a static kit, I masked the Shell logo and spayed the grill in bodycolor. This looks more realistic IMO. The windows were polished with the Tamiya compounds and wax and glued in with lots of epoxy. The bodypins on the bonnet were replaced with a photo etched one. The rear lights backing was replaced with a clear one from a static kit. I used it because I think the original green one with tone down the red and orange too much. All the rear lights were backed up with some mirrorsheet to have a deep look.
Well it took me a lot of time to finish this one, but now it’s absolutely one of my favorites and it turned out perfect....
I’m building a Jagermeister body as a optional parts for this, will keep you updated later...
I will built the 935 later to sit next to it.

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First one in thirthy years




that is the best colored 934 turbo in the WHOLE TC. cause this isn't painted with a casual green, it is exactly THE green which was used in realitiy. PERFECT JOB, mate



I see alot of work in there, result makes it worth it, top!



for the record: the paint is automotive paint ref. Nissan FH1 PPG Deltron. It's the best match for the paint on the real car

Paul 1964


Wow! Top job. One of the best finished models I've seen on the entire Tamiyaclub website.






you actually built it... NICE... I debating on building mine...



Wow! You have done an outstanding job on this build. I see why you spent so much time on it. Because its worth it. This must be the sweetest vaillant on TC. Well done

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