Model: (Click to see more) 58055: The Boomerang
Status: Restored
Date: 30-Jul-2005
Comments: 10
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A little while back my cousin come up with some old photo's of our first rc cars. It bought back so many old memories that i decided to create a replica. This is exactly how my old one was, complete with full ball bearings, technigold motor, twin front shock conversion, bigwig wheels, pinspike tyres and acoms techniplus stick radio. I always regretted selling my old car, now this ones a keeper:)

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Very nice and colorfull, this must spark a lot of kind memories!



Thanks SJoerD, yes alot of memories from 19 years ago!!!

Black Boy


Nice scheme John, the boomer seems to be a common first car. Bet your original didnt look like this when you sold it though



You're right Sam, the boomerang was a very common first car, probably because it was the cheapest 4wd at the time, it out performed the other tamiya's and was really easy to work on, plus it looked cool. My original got totally trashed.



If there is one thing I like more than box art cars it is when someone restores a kit to how they had it back inteh day. Great work and a great looking boomer.



The Boomerang was by far and away the best handling of the Hot Shot series - especially with the twin front shocks. FANTASTIC job - this is what Tamiyaclub is all about - iginiting the passion we have for these treasures and then sharing with the world - WELL DONE !!



Neat paint job mate, did you give it a test run?



Cheers Mike, no i havn't run it.....yet!! Now you got me thinking..... that'll really bring back the past



I think you are onto something here.Im sure the majority of us started out many years ago and have come back to the hobby years later.My first buggy was the OPTIMA,around the same time the BOOMERANG raced at our local track.I have some old photos of my first car and your idea of building a duplicate is inspiration for me.Thankyou and a job well done on the boomer.

super gripper


This craze must be spreading! - I have the parma rebel sticker sheet I used on my first boomerang when I was a kid, just need another bodyshell.

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