Model: (Click to see more) 46010: Avante 2001
Status: NIB
Date: 1-Aug-2005
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From the radio controlled guide book 1990

The slim and elegant body styling of the R/C Avante 2001 is reproduced in 1/14 scale. joining the Quick Drive lineup. The Avante 2001 factory assembled, and ready to run. It only reuqires the installation of batteries. It featers digital proportional steering, and varable forward and reverse speed controller. The Normal or Turbo speed gear switch ads to the excitement. Seald gear box houses a powerful electric motor, and precision differential gearing. Set includes a wheel and trigger type 2 channel transmitter.

scale 1/14

Overall lenght: 324mm

Overall widh: 191mm

Overall height: 137mm

Wheelbase: 208mm

Tread front & rear: 150mm & 152mm

Weight fully equipped: Aprox 850g

Tire width/diameter: Front & rear 28/73mm & 32/73mm

Body: Impact resistant resin

Frame: Engineering plastic monocoque type

Suspension: Front independent swing axle & rear rolling rigid axle type

Sealed gear box incorporates powerful electric motor and precision differential gearing

Gear ratio: 1/10.24 and 1/16.33 switced by speed selecting lever

Speed control: Variable forward/reverse electronic speed contoller

Set includes wheel and trigger type 2 channel proportional transmitter

Battery requirements: Eight UM3 (AA) size alkaline or Ni-Cd batteries for car and a 006P 9 V battery for transmitter (available separately)

Gott it from Ebay seller kenscottage. Came with everything for a good price. Thanks!

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