Model: (Click to see more) 58346: The Grasshopper
Status: Runner
Date: 7-Aug-2005
Comments: 1
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Bought this to wrench with my lad. We did it in 2 evenings. He built it under my instructions...did most of the cutting, screwing and greasing... I did the last few turns of the M3x12s cos I didn't want a misguided screwdriver blade ;-) . I did the decals and added 3 coats of TS13 tamiya clear lacquer over the body to seal everything. The driver was painted by my lad. He also decaled the helmet with the 'tamiya's on both sides. The RS380 motor is very synergistic with this buggy design... a very good vehicle for novice drivers. I would have like to run it with 5 cells instead of 6 ...just to bring the overall max speed down! Its way cool to look at the front shock action ... Boing ...Boing... really grasshopper like . I actually wanted to run it on grass , it turned out our grasshopper weren't any good on longish grass.... so it ended up tearing up and down a bricked path .... so today on its first run , we didn't meet with any major incident, except with a headon collision with a park bench ... so far it hadn't a scratch...Phew. I'd say ...all TC-ers , go buy one , wrench it and run it... its no Delorean , but it sure a 'time machine'.

Hey ! The grass is too long Basking in the sun new mechanic on the block




I saw a nice paint and decal job there

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