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Date: 13-Aug-2005
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Ok its not a land mark as in bricks and motar,but an aviation landmark it is ,the first commercial supersonic airliner and what an airliner.
A letter to Duxford aviation society and numours phone calls put on on the road to getting a photo of RC car sitting on the wing of Concorde 101 how cool is that then.
This concorde is number 101 which is the third to be built for testing only before going into full production.These first aircraft made there maiden flights in march and april 1969,and went into commericial filght in Jan 1976.
This concorde 101 , in 1974 reached a speed of mach 2.23 making it the fastest fight of all the concorde's ever built.



Fantastic fella!!!! My fave jet of ALL TIME! I soooooo wanted to fly on her a few years ago. It is the crime of the century it was taken out of service. I seriously had a tear in my eye when the last bird landed at heathrow I too have been on this Concorde down at Duxford. You just don't realise how big those Olympus engines are until ya stand under one!!! Everytime I see Concorde it makes me proud to be British!



A classic plane and a classic car. Very nice.



Wow! That's certainly some unique shots you got there, well done!



Hey! I've sat in the pilot's seat of that very plane when it was first flown into Duxford! The guy who was then in charge of it (Derek Cutts) worked for my Dad so I got to have a play, despite the fact it still had engines and was fully operational ...wasn't life great before Health & Safety became a career! Thanks for the trip down memory lane and good luck in the compo!

Maxxed Ross


Nice idea, nice concorde - cool How did you get it on the wing and get the pic?



thanks guys,to get the car on the wing had go through the service door which you can see open in the photo,wanted to get to the pilots seat but the dude could not find the key,so had to make do with just sitting it on the door,shame that.

Brat Attacks


l love the super sonic hostess trolley you have there in the third picture l think its a disgrace that they pulled the plug on Concorde....l had a tear in my eye when it came to an end



Absolute TOP Work!! A classic car, a classis plane, nuff said!



Classis car, classis plane! Nuff said



Well done on getting the Hotshot photo on Concorde's wing - that's quite something. Great thinking too, the first supersonic airliner is most definately a landmark.



2 HOT classics, nice idea!



I like this idea, as I see Concorde as an important part of history. I wish it wasn't history, perhaps the first time we have gone backwards, technologically speaking. I am lucky enough to have flown on her (once, not return, to NYC) and she is a magical as anyone could imagine.

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