Model: (Click to see more) 58001: Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
Status: Restored
Date: 2-Sep-2005
Comments: 20
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This must be one of the rarest models Tamiya ever made. It was produced in December 1977 to celebrate 100,000 units sold of the Porsche 934 RSR 12001 RC Kit. It never came with a model number. This was bought from a private collection a short time ago. It had been up for auction at a toy fair but didn't reach it's reserve. I met the last owner at a Porsche GB Club meeting and we started talking about models. He mentioned he had a rare RC Porsche 934. I just had to see it !
We arranged to meet and he would show his model collection. The 934 was not on display but in an old cardboard box. First impressions were not good as the body was hand painted black and finger print glue marks all over it and had what looked like original decals stuck to it . The chassis was much better i don't think it had ever been run just some small scratches here and there and it was BLACK.
I wanted this badly so a deal was done, but not cheap. Sadly the Box, Bag and Manual had never been with the car when the last owner bought it. I did get the UM2 Battery Box, New 6V Nicad Battery and Brand New Acoms AP 227 Mk2 Radio Gear as part of the sale. The minute i got home restoration of my Blazer stopped and the 934 chassis was stripped down and cleaned not much had to be done as it was only dusty and no corrosion was present. I had to get new front tyres because i noticed flat spots on the old ones. The rears had very fine cracking present on the side walls, but were ok to use. The chassis plates cannot be polished as it would remove the black finish, so these were cleaned with degreasing spray for car braking systems and this worked well. All the Radio and battery were fitted and tested and all worked well. The body was the biggest job. Firstly i had to try and save those Decals . Using a hairdryer and scalpel i removed all the decals and stored them between two peices of glass. This will keep them flat and make them ready to use when i needed them. All the rough paint was removed which revealed the extent of the glue damage. this had to be filled and sanded flat carefully. Then I had to paint the body because the black plastic looked bad and needed to shine again. When this was done all the decals were removed from the glass in the same way as they were removed from the body. I damaged the Gold roundels and numbers which was a shame, so i bought some gold coloured Decal film from an art shop and cut new ones out. The numbers are from a Rough Rider decal sheet, they are the same scrypt as the originals. All was then overcoated with clear to seal the old decals down. To finish all the Matt Black areas are masked and sprayed and the model was finished. I would like to thank TC member Don (Bluefoot) who helped me so much with advice and a copy of his Original Manual which helped me confirm that this was a Black 934. 'Don You are a Gent !'.
Finding this model has been the high point of my Tamiya collecting.
I love it!!

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I don't know anything about its historic significance, but it's a sweeeet looking car!



Once again, the best example in the club, once again, not a new build, but a restoration. Well done Radek! Paul.



Absolutely superb Rad! An inspiration, and setting a standard for others to aim for.



This car really looks, no is perfect!



I've only seen a few examples of this car on TC & I'm afraid nothing comes close to the gorgeous & professional finish of this wonderful & RARE car. I'm soo pleased mate you went to all the trouble to sort the decals as they are just the cherry on the cake! I would put my head on the block here & say it's one of the most stunning & realistic Tamiya's I've ever seen! A real credit to ya



Just stunning mate, what more can be said !!! Top job and find ya lucky bugg£r.



Amanzing !



Nice story and absolutly stunning car. Congrats!!!
What kind of clear did you use over the decals?



Great resto as always, also grat idea for those gold decals, will do the same one mine



absolutely superb .



This is the first one I have seen that actually had all the correct decals!!! Another stunning example



Absolutely stunning that Rad!









Beautiful car. I am very envious...! The effort you put in shines though for sure. Top notch...!



This is a stunning car, a great reference for a tamtech porsche 934



What a great collection you have !! Just love this Porsche body !



Rad, I had not noticed this in your collection untill now. This is outstanding. A truly rare find. Im sure this is one of your faves as it certainly is one of mine. Bravo, my friend. spectacular !



This such a beautiful example top top work , I will have to get me one of these, when I win the lottery that is! lol



love it! especially the painted lettering on the tyres

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