Model: (Click to see more) 58041: The Frog
Status: Restored
Date: 4-Sep-2005
Comments: 8
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Here is my restored Frog. This has been about 12 months in the making. It's taken a while to collect all the parts I needed and there are the odd few that still need to be replaced. I've got a driver figure as well but haven't painted and installed him yet.
I did a custom painjob on a Kamtech shell and I think it looks ok (the shell is good), but I'm not entirely happy with some of the sponsor decal placement. I do have a NIB bodyset thanks to Dazmeister and Crash Cramer has provided me with a few new parts too.. Thanks guys.
I hopefully have a thorp ball diff for this baby, but it appears it has been lost in the post at the moment on its way from Canada.
As always, all comments are appreciated....

How it started 1 How it started 2




Looks good to me mate, the hard work and time has been worth it and i like the paintjob



WOW! I love the colour scheme fella!! Looks original & really fresh. Nice work.



Thanks guys for your kind remarks. I just read the thread in the forums about the re-release though, D-OH!



Superb variation of the original scheme, like it much better!



I agree with the rest of the guys on the paint scheme - it looks amazing and still keeps in line with the cool 80's pink. Great work. Photography is also spot on, great angles really show this car off in the best light.


Frog looks good. I noticed your porsche in the back ground . I've got the same one . Bought it new in late 80's


i ent sure about the colour but i love the car well done mate



Very different look indeed I like it

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