Model: (Click to see more) 58309: Twin Detonator
Status: New built
Date: 6-Sep-2005
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This is my first ever R/C car build. Absolutely love this car, all that remains to do now is to paint the body and add the decals. Probably going to use silver as the base coat with flecks of light blue thrown in.

Already ordered a light kit from eBay to install in the front headlight/fogs and also rear brake lights - just out of sheer novelty!

Looking for a decent ESC to install so if anyone has any suggestions for this model please let me know.

Photos coming soon.

EDIT: 14:14 - Caved and ordered the Mtroniks Viper RV11 ESC from, as well as some metallic silver and regular blue paint for the body. Can't wait to get the lot in the post soon!

EDIT: 09/09/2005 - I'm fitting my ESC and locking my rear differential today! Hopefully! :)

EDIT: It's fitted!

I fit the Viper RV11 ESC and also locked the rear diff. The car goes absolutely brilliantly! Battery life appears to have been extended, too. Only thing I need to do now is glue those tyres.

Just added Front and Rear Lights Before installing the Viper ESC Posing in the garden :) Wheel control.... Showing off her rear ;)

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