Model: (Click to see more) 56304: Globe Liner
Status: Project
Date: 6-Sep-2005
Comments: 18
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Inspired by a TV show I watched when I was younger I thought I would have a go at making a kenworth K100 from a Globe liner body.

I started by collecting alot of pics from the web and making a timber mold for vac forming. This was the best way to form all the curves and profiles of the roof. The pics are of the 1st mold, I have since made a second mold which is a much better fit and alot easer to install. The bumper and radiator were made from alloy on my milling machine with plastic sheet made to blank out the original radiator grill shape.
I cut the sun visor into the roof to make it sit flush 1.5mm wire for the step rails to give it the K100 look

The chassis is an Aeromax cut shorter as non of the Tamiya chassis were the right lenght for the look I wanted.

You see it in its unpainted stage Still some work to do on this to complete it.

1 1 1 MFU controler just behind the front wheel 1 Shortened chassis makes for better proportions 1 lost the light lenses, Doooohh !! 1 The build 2 1 3




Oh, wow... This is just WAY too cool!!... I would say go for a dark blue colour, with light blue and silver striping... Looks great sofar!..



very cool personaly i'd go for either of the twotone metalic paintjobs like the metalic brown and gold or twotone metalic green as there seemed to be loads of kenworths with these paint schemes in the 80s and the brown and gold would look cool

rally man


that is one nice looking rig you have done this before i can tell as for colour go for a custom job its the only way to go



That is awesome! Go with white and red stripes like BJ Makay and his best friend bear!!! Keep us posted!



Looking mad, ow, you have a email about the 'kenworth' decals



Sweet piece of work, love where you're going with this! How about a dark metallic blue with white or silver stripes?

Burn Out Boy


Thanks for all your comments. I am off to the paint shop, see you in a few weeks with a new coat



Very nice custom work!

Maxxed Ross


I have been keeping an eye out for this, looks great mate! Hope you find a fitting paintjob to finish off all that stunning work



I am gobsmacked! What a beauty! Your attention to detail is awesome! Great work thank you!



Nice job burnout boy !! You did such a good job it looks like it just went together out of a box that way!

R D Trucking INC


you done a super job on the conversion. looks just the job.

Burn Out Boy


Its the cab I got from you a while ago, Thanks for you comment.


hi there may i ask if you still have the roof kits for sale ??? if so can i pay with payapl ?? best wishes iain from england


hey i need one of those caps please let me know the price and i will get it to you or i will build you a usa 48ft flatbed thanks



So any final pics of teh BJ machine? Would love to see it!

Burn Out Boy


Hi ukzz4.. Its almost a runner used some parts for my king hauler I got a 1:1 beach buggy which has taken up a lot of time when its finished I will be back with RC



Cool- if ya want to sell it- I'm your man

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