Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Extra info
Date: 8-Sep-2005
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Not finished yet. Can´t open the original 4wd tranny to change the gears in the new tranny with the srb mounts. It´s a dream come true for me to have found all the parts to build a 4wd Sand Scorcher!
The parts are:
-MIP 4x chassi
-MIP IRS 200 rear suspension kit
-MIP T200 tranny
-MIP diff
-MIP 4wd kit (2.nd version with chain).
-MIP front shock towers
-RCH nylon front arms
-CRP wide front
-JG aluminum cage
-RCH aluminum wheels
-CRP shock collar
Actually only the tires will be Tamiya after this is done (I will replace the shocks)




that thing is turning out sweet. How come you can't open the old gear case?

erik swe


Your 4wd was my inspiration to start this project Jim. I don´t have any good tools to fix the old gear case yet but I will not give up.



That will be one tidy motor



Wow, what a great rarity, congratulation!, can't wait to see it finished or in action!

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