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Status: Project
Date: 14-Sep-2005
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Well this is a bit different! I have been looking at maybe trying to see if I could get hold of the parts to convert my old Scorpion racer back to the proper body. I had found an original NIP roll cage and roof for it and Kamtec are making repro bodies so I needed the aluminium roll bar and rear cage. I also have a spare SRB front end and was considering a sand rail type chassis, but needed a Scorpion rear end to mate with it rather than the SRB one.

Then this appears on ebay. Listed as an aluminium buggy I still recognise the Scorpion rear suspension and rear cage in there. Worth a punt so I won it for under £10. The original Scorpion chassis rails have been cut down and the rear shocks are from Nichimo (and they hold oil better than the Kyosho ones did!) but the metal plate on the rear was screwed on using the original holes so the rear cage is not damaged by extra screw holes.

The front end is looks like a cheap 4wd car has been butchered to remove the suspension from the gearbox and the sides bolted onto a metal plate to mount them. The bumper is hard plastic from a toy car again, but the rear wheels are from the Road Winner buggy and are in quite good condition. Unfortunately it means the rear axles aren't Kyosho ones but that isn't really a problem as I would probably be using Tamiya wheels on the rear and need to sort out some different axles anyway.

If anyone is interested in the leftover bits the front end is free to whoever wants it.

There's a Scorpion rear under there That rear end looks familiar Front end which is now in the bin Anyone recognise it?




maybe its a big frontbumper from a nikko of some kind?


Highly likely from a Nikko. Does anyone want it?

flux density


the person that performed this mod is very imaginative...looks like a contraption from Junkyard wars !

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