Model: (Click to see more) 58309: Twin Detonator
Status: Project
Date: 16-Sep-2005
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I bought my twin detonator about three months ago now and it is a bit different already! I was impressed with the speed and handling over rough terrain but with limited play space I thought thet torque and climbability was more important than overall performance.
The first thing was to sort out the ride height and and the wheel travel so it is a little more capable, as I already had a set of replacement low friction shocks I decided to try and fabricate a two stage shock system which would allow as much suspention travel as the propshafts would allow. this I did by making higher shock turret mounts and a control bar in the centre to hold it all in alignment. It seems to work quite well. I also bid on a set of wheels on E-Bay which were for a savage nitro truck, These I have managed to fit on by reversing the rim and pressing a tamiya hex hub into the rim and then bolting on with some extra washers.
The next stage is going to be power, Ialready have two integrity 55 turn motors on the way and I will lock the rear diff first and see how it runs. I will also be going the whole hog and making a new chassis with more length and height with the electrics up and out of the way.
Not to forget the Blue Neon LED`s in the front and reds in the rear with homemade lenses. I will update as I go..........

Here we go so far. With lights on. Into a small log. Off larger log. Front clearance. Front on original tyres.

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