Model: (Click to see more) 58015: Rough Rider
Status: Project
Date: 20-Sep-2005
Comments: 3
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Well.. I decided to take the chassis originally used for my XLT and added a rear aluminum cage (thanks Shodog!) to it... since the cage is fitted for a Rough Rider I had to find a Rough Rider shell. I decided to keep the wheels and tires intended for the XLT on the chassis since I like them much better than the original Rough Rider parts.




Again, nice job...Now the challenge is to pick one of those pristine cars and run it outside (gently)!!!!!!!!!



That has to be the nicest polished rear cage I have seen. That gold plating looks sweet. BTW I can have a special XLT cage made.



i never liked the rough rider till i saw this one loads of work but well worth it and very nice

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