Model: (Click to see more) 99983: Associated
Status: Project
Date: 17-Oct-2005
Comments: 2
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I have the vintage 1/8 Associated bug! I cannot get enough of these, especially when I saw the Can-Am 917 body. How cool is that! This was on consignment at my LHS. When I walked in and saw it I looked at the wife and said, 'I am leaving with that!' She rolled her eyes at me, but at least I had her support. Everything is in great shape, I am not sure this thing has ever run, doesn't look like it. Comes with an old period correct Futaba radio. Just need to be cleaned up, paint stripped on the body, then paint 'er up like the Donahue Penske Sunoco 917!!!!! Sweet deal!




You make me sick!! G R E A T find Jay - we seem to both be blessed with understanding wives!



Nice find I have been trying to get my hands on 1/8 car but can't seem to win one on ebay Nice find. I raced the 250 and 300bd back in the day and would love to find one.

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