Model: (Click to see more) 58001: Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
Status: Extra info
Date: 23-Oct-2005
Comments: 2
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Well it was a sunny day so I took a few models outside and took a few snaps. I had been meaning to do this for the landmarks competition, but never managed to get free time and good weather on the same day!

Still, here are some better pics of my number 1.

That tall pointy thing in the background is the Skytower in Auckland NZ. Taller than the Eiffel but nowhere near as graceful.

The view is from our front deck.

The purists will notice that my Black Porsche 934 is now wearing all-weather tyres. Don't worry, I still have the slicks. I just think the A-Ws look better.

Yeearghhh! What happened to the view?!

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GORGEOUS car! GORGEOUS pics! Nuff said



Nice Porsche Don, pity about the rest of JAFA central Good view you've got though.

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