Model: (Click to see more) 58015: Rough Rider
Status: Restored
Date: 23-Oct-2005
Comments: 5
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I got this one in a trade with TC member Mad Zero (thanks Buzz). It was missing the entire front end but the bonus was the it came with a NIB and very hard to find B parts tree with has the roof, driver and spotlights. The bumper, shocks and front suspension are all new (thanks Jr-rc). The front wheels/tyres are nearly new courtesy of Professorslot (thanks Franz). The shell was originally blue and was given the old brake fluid treatment before repairs were made to the roof. Masking the RR was not quite as difficult as the SS but still very time consuming. I already had most of the genuine Tamiya decals but needed a few more to complete the project. Many thanks to the various TC members who helped me out with the few remaining ones.




A great restoration, nice work.



Thanks Toykid, it turned out way better than I had hoped.



Very nice another top job just like your scorcher! Well done!



Wow! I can't believe it's the same car! It's always nice to see a car you sell go on to a better life with someone who appreciates it - nice one John!



Thanks Buzz. I was originally going to do 'before' and 'after' pics but my wife accidently reformatted the digi-cam and lost all the old photo's

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