Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: Restored
Date: 25-Oct-2005
Comments: 4
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Hi all, istarted on my Bosscats last night, stripped them both down to nothing and started from page 1 and by about 5.30 this morning this is what it looks like, much cleaner and running smooth, just waiting for the other shell to get here cos it looks a bit better than the one i got for bashing....let me know what ya think........ still need a front left shock mount...............
see part 2 for finished car pic's

12:30am 2:30am 4:30am




I bet your eyes were the same colour as the hop up motor mount by 4.30 am!



just a bit but their ever worse now cos i've still not had sleep.......was going to use the purple one i got(nip) but as it's going to be a runner thought i'd save it



that looks better. I owned one of those Bosscats before trading it, you've got it looking very nice.



Wish I could do an all nighter matey... seems the only way I could get a few projects done! Unfortunately, a combination of beer, the missus, and work tends to rule that out....

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