Model: (Click to see more) 99990: Event/Action Photos
Status: Other
Date: 27-Nov-2002
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well I gotta admit I didn't take that many pics at Clumber, probably cos I was too busy trying to figure out which car to run next having bought far too many cars that I knew what to do with :D

all things considered it was an excellent day out and hopefully one that will be repeated under more favourable conditions next year, but back to this years event, things kicked off early with the mebers congregating in the road side cafe across the road from the main park entrance (picture 1) I arrived about 10am but there was already quite a few cars there, I walked over and introduced myself to a few ppl and them we watched as some more ppl turned in.

Then an impromptu market started up with ppl selling all manner of spares out the backs of their cars, Netsmith had a whole heap of stuff and did some brisk business (picture 2) this carried on for a couple of hours, a few ppl got out some cars for a quick blast (Avante,Sand Scorcher,Kyosho Icarus and a Pershing tank!) but most ppl were happy to rummage around in the RC jumble that certain ppl were selling or chat away about this and that and show off a few of their cars.

sometime round about 1pm the decision was made to move into the park site itself, so everone decamped and set off across the main road and down the lane into the park which was lined with rows of trees each side and parallel to this was a narrow dirt track which some members couldent resist driving down ;)

Upon reaching the site everybody got their cars out for a groupe shot of the cars (picture 3) which was delayed a little by myself as I got out all 27 of the cars I bough with me to the event, when they were all together there was well over 100 cars not bad turnout for the 20 or so members who attended (even though about a quarter of them were from my own collection) they set all the Special racing buggies asside for a seperate picture which included a MIB Sand Scorcher, after that they set about setting up a small circuit using some mini-traffic cones and Stulec was walking around findinmg out who was running in the first race which was mostly Vintage 2WD the race was quite eventful and to see a tidy SS surging through a large puddle like the picture on the SS manual was quite a stirring sight.

the weather had started out misty but had cleared a little by the time we entered the park, there was still a few clouds about but it didnt rain, however it was quite cold, Next race was for 4WDs it was a little more restrained effair.

The next race was the one everyone wanted to see, the Monster trucks (picture 4) but you couldent call it a race, Destruction Derby would be a more apt description, a couple of ramps were set up and a few old car bodies laid out behind them to allow for some simulated car crushing, 3 Txt's an E-maxx, 2 clods a Jugganaut and a Bruiser jained the fray, from the off it was obvious that this would be no holds barred driving ;) a few laps were completed by some trucks but it soon decened into chaos with every man for him self, at one point all trucks piled into a huge scrum and started climbing all over each other with the Bruiser mixing it with the best and more than holding its own!! they would race off and launch off the ramps and mangle the car bodies, nearby was a sand pit which was soon awash with leaping, crawling trucks, this went on for about 20 mins or so and was a huge laugh with many hilarious incidents occuring, definatly highlight of the afternoon for me.

after that a few more heats were held and Gunpowder17 did anothet demo run with his Pershing Tank and towards the end of the afternoon the Nitros came out, most attention was focused on the 2 Terra Crushers which were great when they were going but both unfortunatly suffered gremilins which restriced their performances a bit

when the light started to fade ppl started to pack up (picture 6) and say their farewells, all in all a brilliant days out, to see vintage tamiyas such as the Sand Scorcher, Super Champ, Bruiser and Porsche 959 Rally getting dirty and used for the very perpose for which they were designed (picture 5) instead of just sitting on someones self looking pretty and getting dusty was a precious spectacle to behold, given the success of this event it most bode well to any repeat events held in the future

Early in the day as ppl rooled in to say hello Chris (holding car) did a roaring trade now thats a lot of vintage RCs the Monsters prepare for battle THIS IS WHAT THEY WERE MADE FOR!!! at the end of the day everone went home happy




GREAT wight up mate well done!



I'm loving the Dolly Sprint! Even the 2CV

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