Model: (Click to see more) 58278: Lancia 037 Rally (Ltd. Ed.)
Status: Extra info
Date: 28-Nov-2002
Comments: 4
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snollan was so happy with himself when he got hold of one of these for $100, I just had to get one myself. I had to pay $5 more than him but it went through customs with no probs, the total paid was £76!! Thats half the price here in the UK :-)

Started to build it, had to add some lights if we are going to have a night race at Snetterton, this will look great.

The lights are very easy to do, all you need to do as buy some ' grain of
wheat' 6 volt bulbs and they fit straight in to the lights on the car(I
think Tamiya made the car so it could take lights but did not put it in the

Then just buy a servo splitter lead and wire the lights to the receiver.

Its that simple :-)

Blinded by the light Rear lights, as well! Testing the lights before finishing the body As it was, when I got it



Beautiful Car



those lights realy rock on this car, now u have done it.. i want also a lancia!



Great looking car. The lights add a nice realistic touch.



Saw this car at the 2nd tamiya drive and its Awesome with the lights. i want it

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