Model: (Click to see more) 58247: Audi R8R
Status: New built
Date: 28-Nov-2002
Comments: 3
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I wish Tamiya would update this one with the new R8 body style. Don't know if you all have seen the new R8 in person, but it is the best sports racing car ever engineered and built. If you look real carefully, just to the left and right of the Auto Union symbol on the wing you will see Biela's and Pirro's autograph. Had to build this one!

Detroit Auto Show 2000 Detroit Auto Show 2000




Very interesting car... Why do you think this is the best racingcar ever built? Why is the MB CLK the next best? Notr trying to pick a fight, just wondering since i love scalecars and especially german scalecars.


Hi the r8 body is available from conrads in germany painted or un painted. check their website under modelblau-karroserie



What is the URL for Conrad's?

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