Model: (Click to see more) 56307: Mercedes Benz 1850L
Status: Project
Date: 8-Nov-2005
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When I saw the ...'The Car Tamiya Should Have Made' Competition I realized I must enter this baby. Have been keeping me busy on and off for the last few months - gathering al the spares and ideas. Still a way to go but will concentrate all effort now on it.


Kit started as a Tamiya 1:14 MB 1850L Delivery truck. Increased ride-height with various types of spacers until just right - made final ones out of ally.

Leafsprings still original (tried jugg ones - to high) and used TLT dampers because of nice length, narrowness and looks.

Front Axle from a TLT - no modifications, Rear axle still original. Truck full 4x4 capabilities.

Got turned ally rims with Hummer Tires (pajero ones also still being considered) - mounted standard in front and inversed at the rear.

Due to the difference in the horisontal line of the 'driveline' opted for a transfercase from RC4WD to decrease angle of driveshafts. Front driveshaft mix of old Hilux 4x4 and XC driveshafts, and rear will be custom shortened original one.

Original steering system of truck and gearshift still in place and operational with new configuration.

Well basically finished - More pics under another entry for the same truck - More Info here :

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Looks good so far although leafs and coilovers together seem an interesting choice. Look forward to seeing the finished article!



Great job! Love the idea! You have given me some great ideas for a military version!



Interesting project, am curious how it will look when its finished

Maxxed Ross


Interesting idea....I like it! Straight from the Paris-Dakar :-P

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