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Status: Runner
Date: 14-Nov-2005
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At the moment i am trying to get the gator up to race spec so i decided to go for it a run it at the Kidderminster winter series. I have been running it at Dudley club on friday nights to get used to it and make any mods to the set up. With the gear diff this car was a real handfull but now with the ball diff in it has made the gator into pretty good race car :) With the 19 tooth pinion and 16 motor it was a good match for most of the top line 2wd buggies ie losi xxx's and b4's :) Next mods will be faster motor and might look at better steering linkage.

The shocks perform really well looks like i might have to use a lighter oil in the rear and heavier in the front. Perhaps 30w at the rear 35w in the front (at the moment its 40 rear and 30 front) this gives good turn in around the kiddy track but as it got warmer and the grip levels came up i did start to get grip role

Before it got dirty :( The secret in getting your gator to handle New front shocks Same for the rear Gator and academy's friday night out




Nice scheme!


Where on Earth did you get ball diffs from. Can't find them anywhere???



Got them from evoman not sure where he got them might have been rainbow ten



i got them from JR-RC on ebay mate

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