Model: (Click to see more) 88887: Any Tamiya RC Model not listed.
Status: Runner
Date: 29-Nov-2002
Comments: 7
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I wanted to make the simple but real sports car in M chassis size.
It looks cute but it is strong competitor.
RR layout looks funny,
but it is excellent about the ability to accelerate as much as 4wd.
Most of the chassis parts are a handmade.
But I catered for the suspension parts (consumables) with the genuine Tamiya parts to facilitate maintenance.

Front view Rear view Looks a joke? I'm very serious.('-') It was invincible in this class in 2001.




What a great little car!! What body is this?? Did you add extra details to the body or is this how it comes?? Nice work I bet it is very entertaining to drive and watch!



Hi toymkr73, thanks for your comment.
This body is Fiat 'great' Cinqcent attached for KYOSHO 'Petit Mantis'.
But, KYOSHO ended this production several years ago.
This body is almost its stock condition without some stickers.



thanks for the info grahoo
this is going on my favorites list!! Please let me know if you se this body available somewhere!! i would love to have on for my M chassis This little car just makes me smile



Hi grahoo,
i saw on your web site that you mentioned there being a 'production model' of this chassis. Are you selling this chassis, I would really like to buy one Please let me know



Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing!!! The chassis looks great as does the body, top work!

Slyp Dawg


what chassis is that?! it looks almost like a 1/10 buggy (the tranny pod thing) but it is a onroader! I have never seen the likes of that chassis before, not even close!




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