Model: (Click to see more) 99995: Motors
Status: NIB
Date: 20-Nov-2005
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Came from in Yorkshire, England, via mailorder, 26 GBP. Beware if you send off for a Tamiya catalogue from them. They crushed mine by folding it double in the envelope - IDIOTS :-( However because they are such fools they miscalculated the discount on my order and thus my Tamiya 2005 catalogue ended up costing me 1.85 GBP since they calculated a discount on my motor with it :-)

Only recently took it out of the packet and tried it on my MB 1838LS 3-gear lorry (truck).

This motor works fine with MFU in 1/14th Tamiya trucks. NO problems due to overheating. NO MFU cutting out problem, in ANY gear, EVER. Can wheelspin on command in ANY gear (not tried it when pulling a trailer yet). Unfortunately because of the SUPER POWERFUL magnets keeping such a tight hold of the armature (or something?) the motor starts at 70 per cent throttle in 1st gear (!) compared to the stock kit motor which starts at 25 per cent throttle.

See ;-

Beware that there is a 7.2V and a 12V version of the LRP TP2...

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