Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Runner
Date: 26-Nov-2005
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Bought locally as part of a job lot of cars from someone clearing out their loft, see the ZX-R for the background.

In the lot was this Mid Custom - Part No is 3139FG, it is a Custom with the Custom Special GRP chassis and shock mounts instead of the alloy ones. The model number and info is only on the insert included in the box.

It came complete with radio, all packaging and the manual. It is in perfect condition, the top belt cover is still stuck down with threadlock as it says in the instructions. It was only raced indoors so the suspension is perfect with hardly any marks. Got the Mid wide front bumper fitted and (very rare) an original wing being undamaged. The original mini bumper has been screwed to the rear. Unfortunately the body has been replaced with a Lazer ZX body, but that is in great condition. At least repros are around.

The body brings back memories. In the 80's I worked for a local model shop, building and repairing cars for them. As usual they bought a full range of paints from the distributors and the plain colours were always left in the rack. To find a use for these left over paints I sprayed a few bodies for the shop to sell, this particular body being one of them. Opening the box and seeing this body brought back memories of the time I spent trying to come up with simple designs for the stack of bodies I had to paint with a limited range of uninspiring colours.

Stick pack battery mounts are fitted, but the saddle pack straps are included still attached to the sprue as are the body/undertray mounts. It's just a shame there is a stain on the underside of the GRP chassis, maybe I will look at dyeing it in the future.

Even includes the opened blister packs Proof it is a 3139FG Shame about the stain

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