Model: (Click to see more) 99996: Radio Gear
Status: Extra info
Date: 9-Dec-2005
Comments: 3
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I decided since these are now discontinued to get another for my trucks, Also got the spring return kit for channel 3 on its way! Not bad for £150!!

Spring Return kits: left for FF6 and right for SS4




Good luck fitting that spring, nearly slung mine across the room in frustration - not a big fan of patience

Live Steam Mad


Wahey!! Nice one Ant, 2 FF6X's on UK Surface Frequency, same as me These are great TX's, lovely and comfortable, analogue mechanical ratchet trims, built in computer, and the only choice for MFU'd Tamiya Tanks and Tractor Trucks but then you know that LOL. My mate Shawn in USA has just got his 2nd one as well (T6XHS converted from 72->75MHz) and loves both of his very much, same as me, and has a friend who is lusting after one and who is so mad that he can't get one now that they are discontinued in USA! I now want a 3rd one for my Leo 2 A6 tank LOL so I can use the Tank gates you made for me . Cheers matey, Alistair G.



I have actually got 4, 2 off them are for the robots and channel 4 has been removed, so the left stick only goes up and down to fire the bucket on behemoth!

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