Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Runner
Date: 19-Dec-2005
Comments: 5
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I used to race this buggy years ago and it was always pretty competitive. As you can see it's got many hop-ups fitted, Wasp carbon delta chassis conversion, carbon front and rear shock mounts, alloy upright carriers, heatsink motor plate and more. It's been gathering dust for more than a decade until i heard that my local club were running an indoor buggy category so i just had to have a go! I can remember now why i loved it so much before, work is needed with the suspension because it's very twitchy but i can get that sorted and it should be competitive again. It's certainly very quick!!




nice to the 'old school' race buggy's,nice setup steve.



One of the best cars I ever owned. Swapped to one this from the mighty ProCat! Is that a Tekin 410s speedo I see there and a Hitec mini receiver.. Still run the Receiver in my race car today! Blew the speedo though Modern motors to much for it I feel. Mint example though Stevo, fancy facing off my Yoko YZ10 some time



LOL yes that is indeed a Tekin 410S, actually on loan to me from my bro, it's been T-wired and seems to work very well even compared to todays ESCs. This car has seen many battles with Procats, Bosscats and Yoko Dogfighters



I like the Lazer ZX-R. I think this buggy can still be very competitive today with a bit of tlc.



Nice! Got one about ready to go, and it is still a nicely done machine. The Lazer series especialy the -R is a great run of cars, too bad their getting so dear!

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