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Date: 22-Dec-2005
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Well I have not posted anything sence Sept. this year befor my great flood in my basement witch happens to be were all my Rc's are so hear we go finaly..

King hauler I have made my own stright stacks out of 3/8 alum. tube then polished them to a great shine plus added a sleeper cab window in the back with frame and cab bobtail lighs and then put telescopic antenna were the stock one is to go but I made it so it would come out of the body insted of being mount on the top of the body.

Next the Knight Hauler has MFU with airbox blinker added also added a telescopic antenna on the back side of the cab.

Next is my Glob Liner witch is not done yet but it has Wide load sing on bull bar, telescopic antenna add on back of the cab also on the rear I have mounted a spear tire holder and I have put spacers in under the body mount plate to raise the cab out a 1/4 of a inch cause if you look at the International semis they don't sit that low also this truck has full light kit..

Just a few updates I have finaly got posted comments as always let them fly..

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